Converted churches now popular homes

There has been an increase in the popularity of churches being converted into family homes, with church conversion being noted as a favourite amongst people in the United Kingdom. A listed chapel is slightly trickier to convert as you will have to retain the original appearance and style. Church Commissioners and the English Heritage may have a say in what the church will be used for.

As church attendance declines, many congregations merge together with nearby churches and a church may be sold. In excess of 20,000 chapels and churches have been sold since 1980, with some being converted into nightclubs, community centres and restaurants. As a church is a large space to heat, with high ceilings and thick walls, underfloor heating is an economical choice for the heat source. The thick walls will provide extra insulation and together with an underfloor heating installation will provide low cost hot water and heating without harming the environment. The appearance of your newly converted church would be marred by the appearance of unsightly radiators on various walls, which is another benefit of electric underfloor heating installation.

A church conversion is difficult to price as a one-off property according to estate agents. A converted church or chapel will rarely have more than three bedrooms, but will have an abundance of character with the original features. There are considerations with the area surrounding the church. One couple who converted a church in Kent have eight gravestones which are situated just behind the building in a walled garden. This certainly helps towards retaining the feel and character of the church.

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